Electronic storage system

Your company, service or department, generates every day an important number of administrative and accounting documents, abundant and vital for your activity. Yet everyone knows how the traditional methods of data storage prove to be weighty, expensive, and even dangerous in the medium term. Anticipating the deadlocks of this situation, IMES has developed for twenty years alternative methods for electronic storage that establish IMES as a third party storage company with an unquestionable reliability.

secure servers

IMES puts at your disposal storage solutions (SAE):
  • Legally appropriate : signature, metadata, and times stamp and date on document, that guarantee the convincing value of the records, as our solutions comply with the legal and fiscal standards for storage.
  • With long-term security : data encryption, transfers security, content confidentiality, and hosting with the most well-tried techniques, make our solutions the guarantee of your long-term data stability.
  • Efficient and adapted : defined according to the maturity of your information system, our storage methods are created to specifically comply with your needs.
  • Accessible on web service : based on the most evolutionary and the most effective technologies of the market, our solutions enable you to access the relevant search and the on-line instant display of your documents, with developed functionalities, adapted to your request.

Our offers are also based on the Electronic Safe solution from our partner, third party storage company. It is based on strong infrastructures, is highly secure, and presents many advantages:
  • an optimal security level
  • an integrity guarantee of the stored documents
  • an investment cost control
  • a comfortable use
  • available 24/7.
The Electronic Safe solution, 1st third party storage company registered by the French Ministry for the Arts, complies with the AFNOR Z42-013 standard, concerning the electronic storage service, and the ISO 14721 standard, that constitute a reference model for the open storage systems.

Our ambition :

Offering you optimized solutions for: space gain, flexibility and simplicity of use, security concerning the preservation of the integrity of your documents, convincing value of the record, durability, reversibility.